Гума за планински велосипед Pirelli Scorpion MTB Enduro Rear Specific 29x2.60

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The Scorpion™ MTB Rear Specific range was specifically designed for the rear wheel. It's a product that was optimised to offer uncompromising performance when riding and braking as well as special control over the rear axle when corning, besides greater resistance to wear compared to generic models. The size and spacing of the knobs follows the design developed for the Mixed Terrain model, making it a perfect tyre for mixed terrain and variable conditions, be they dry or wet.

The Scorpion™ MTB Rear Specific range is the best choice for maximising traction and rear tyre durability in numerous racing conditions. The rear tyre is subjected to extreme stress during traction/braking and when cornering while braking with the bike at an angle and/or during controlled drifting: the tyre therefore needs to meet unique specifications, with a rubber compound that guarantees resistance to tearing and other specific forms of stress on the rear tyre and with a knob design that suits those specific needs. The tread of the Scorpion™ MTB Rear Specific was developed for use on the same terrain as the Scorpion™ MTB Mixed Terrain, with an average height and spacing of the knobs and a wide range of uses in mixed conditions, whether dry or wet.

The use of the special SmartGRIP Compound guarantees an elevated adaptability and at the same time resistance to tearing, offering elevated grip in all weather conditions, be they dry or wet: the best ally for your performance off-road.


  • Protection: Rip-resistant rubber compound, casing of robust 60 tpi nylon and additional 120 tpi reinforcement of the sides for greater protection against puncturing and cutting without sacrificing performance.
  • Grip: The SmartGRIP rubber compound guarantees elevated grip on wet surfaces; weather is no longer an issue, no sacrificing grip for dry or wet conditions.
  • Handling: The shape of the tyre has been optimised for modern rims made of aluminium or carbon with a wide internal groove.
  • Damping: Robust 60 tpi TUBELESS READY Nylon casing, designed to dampen shocks and vibrations and make low pressure riding more stable with a wider footprint on the ground.


MTB Rear Specific
The tread of the Scorpion™ MTB Rear Specific was developed for use on the same terrain as the Scorpion™ MTB Mixed Terrain, with an average height and spacing of the knobs and a wide range of uses in mixed conditions, whether dry or wet. The specific design of the central knobs, derived from Pirelli's experience in the world of motocross, increases grip and stability both when braking and pedalling, which gives this tyre unique levels of dynamism and reliability and offers excellent smoothness on mixed terrain.

SmartGRIP Compound
SmartGRIP is a compound that uses cutting-edge advances in chemical technology to achieve two typically opposed features in off-roading: mechanical resistance and chemical grip. This compound is capable of achieving performance levels high enough that it can be used for the entire depth of the rubber used to create the tread. The use of a single rubber compound ensures that performance won't decrease as tread wear increases, which is usually a key defect of multilayer compounds. Pirelli selects the best rubber compound for every tread and every size, no compromise between grip and handling in wet and dry conditions.

The third innovation Pirelli brings to the cycling world from its Motorsport background: a newly designed construction of the bead and sidewall area that increases even further the tyre performances in terms of handling at low pressure and pinch flat resistance. Key in offroad applications, especially in the most demanding ones such as gravity and eMTB, the integrity of the bead area and the stability of the sidewalls are a founding pillar for the overall tyre performance: the tread with its sophisticated rubber compound highly relies on, and strictly behaves dependently to the stability and integrity of the bead and sidewall themselves. Pirelli introduced a construction that solidly anchors the bead and the rubber sidewall insert with a woven fabric flipper, making them behave as one whole solid piece instead of as separate components with relative movements to each other, with industry standard constructions.

The benefit of this innovation in numbers:

  • Improved bead stability (+10%").
  • More protection against pinch-flats (+50%").
  • Better handling at low pressure (+25%).
  • Higher strength against sidewall cuts.
testPressure1.5 - 3.0 bar (20 - 45 psi)TypeFoldableTpi60VersionTubeless readyEtrto65-622Real weight1254 g

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