Bicicleta Pinarello Prince Disk Ultegra 253 Orange Carbon Road Bike

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The Pinarello Prince Ultegra is a high-performing road bike with the lineage of the world-class Dogma at its back. A direct descendant of the Tour de France dominating Dogma, the Prince Disk has excellent speed and climbing ability with similar geometry. The cost is reduced by using T700 monocoque carbon rather than the T1100 found on the Dogma. The Prince has much more tame geometry compared with the FX, giving riders a more comfortable and compliant ride than other variations. The geometry of the Pinarello prince was engineered with the elite performance of the Dogma in mind. It promotes a combination of low weight, high stiffness, aerodynamics, and asymmetry. The Prince Disk gives you clearance for up to 28c tires, giving you more a bit of extra comfort compared to a professional race bike. Equipping these larger tires will provide more dissipation of vibration and help compensate for the stiff nature of the frame. This extra comfort with amazing handling, great stiffness, light weight, and aerodynamics give you everything you need to perform at your very best on the road. The Prince is a lightweight climbing bike, but it features plenty of small characteristics to enhance its aerodynamics. An aero headtube and front end helps you deal with headwinds, as does the famous Pinarello Onda fork. This fork is featured on their best road bikes, eliminating empty space between the fork and the down tube, creating a fork and frame that act as one. This takes away turbulent air between the fork and the frame to significantly improve the overall aerodynamics of the bike. The right side of the fork is slightly longer than the left to compensate for the natural asymmetry of the bike, giving you a more balanced ride that will pay off on sprints and climbs. Aerodynamics are further improved by flatback seatstays and a concave down tube which shields water bottles from the wind. The Pinarello Prince Disk is fast, reactive, and race ready. This versatile machine can hit top speeds on the road and fly up climbs. This version of the Prince Disk is equipped with Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifting. This gives you easy and reliable shifting at a lower price. With the Pinarello Prince you get nothing less than a high-performing and versatile road bike. From aerodynamic sprinting to lightweight climbing, the Pinarello Prince Disk has everything you need to dominate the road at a great value.

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